"A Very Healing Experience"

"I was referred to Kate by a friend of mine. I didn't know what to expect from the treatment, but I knew that I needed to do something to help alleviate my pain. The session was extremely healing for me. Kate put a warm compress on my belly that felt so comforting. It really is the first time any practitioner took the time to work on my abdomen in such a healing manner. I left pain-free and thankful for the referral."      -HM

“Kate is kind and professional. She put me at ease right away. She really took the time to listen and understand my concerns. Her treatment was thorough, gentle and spot on. She seemed to hone in on areas of pain and stress I had no idea I was holding. I was so relaxed during the acupuncture that I actually fell asleep. I can’t say enough good things about Kate. ”

— CD

“Kate Townsend...simply put has the gift to heal. She listens to every word and addresses your needs and concerns. I could not agree more that she is the master of her craft.”

— TB

“Kate helped me tremendously with on-going fertility issues. I had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We tried everything to get pregnant. It wasn’t until I started acupuncture and abdominal work with Kate that I began to feel hopeful again. 6 months later I am pregnant! We are so grateful. Thank you, Kate!”

— JC