Root Medicine provides healing alternatives for every stage of life 

At Root Medicine we integrate acupuncture, bodywork and plant-based medicinals to help nourish and heal the root of a woman's body. Our approach to wellness is based upon time-tested methodologies that are safe, natural and effective: Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine / Abdominal & Pelvic CareEach treatment is designed to assess and address underlying energetic imbalances while simultaneously enhancing one's sense of connection and wellbeing. By tending to the root of a woman's body we revitalize the very essence of her being- nourishing health, vitality and spirit from the inside out.

Common conditions that benefit from treatment

Wellness Care: low energy & fatigue, acute & chronic insomnia, high blood pressure, poor concentration, rashes & skin problems, seasonal tune-ups & general wellness

Fertility & Reproductive Health: natural fertility & pregnancy preparation; IVF/ART support, amenorrhea, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, recurrent miscarriage, post-partum care

Women's Healthcare: bladder issues, interstitial cystitis, hormonal imbalance, menstrual problems, painful periods, pelvic pain, peri-menopause & menopausal concerns

Gut & Immune Support: allergies, chronic fatigue, respiratory issues, sinus problems, gas, boating, GERD, diarrhea, IBS, constipation, weight loss, anemia

Pain & Trauma Relief: anxiety, depression, grief, post-traumatic stress, back pain, hip pain, neck & shoulder pain, headaches and migraines, carpel tunnel, repetitive stress injuries, slow healing injuries, muscle pain & spasms, traumatic brain injury

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